DynamicsPact Group

We are a member of the world’s largest organisation offering Microsoft Dynamics AX (365) solutions called DynamicsPact (formerly known as AxPact). The group was formed in 2004 in order to develop a worldwide network of experts on Ms Dynamics AX system cooperating with each other on realization of high quality projects of Microsoft Dynamics AX line ( Dynamics 365). Today, DynamicsPact accounts for more than 12% of all D365 FO projects delivered worldwide.

Since it’s appearance on the international arena, the DynamicsPact Group (formerly known as AxPact) has shown itself to Microsoft as an organization providing its international clients with Microsoft Dynamics solutions while maintaining high quality services.

Currently, the DynamicsPact group account includes over 2000 implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX (and now Dynamics 365), of which more then 10% are global projects. Group members need to meet the strict criteria to be allowed to cooperate. The Group ensures high standard of the implementation of the Dynamics Microsoft AX and Dynamics 365 project with maximum profit and minimum risk.

Collaboration with a DynamicsPact member ensures high quality work and maximizes return on investment because each partner of DynamicsPact shares a common goal: “To work together to deliver world-class Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions and exceed our clients expectations in all aspects of the project.”