What’s Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the extended and integrated functions of client management and sales and marketing management, which assist in establishing and developing relations with clients, and sales growth.­


Selected Functionalities:

Profiles (Role Centres)

Marketing director, sales manager, top level sales representative, specialised sales representative, account manager, marketing manager and marketing department employee.


Automation of vendors’ work

This module enables sales forecasting and planning.



Trade contracts

The user may manage rules related to prices and multi-dimensional discounts in all currencies. Price change processes may be managed using workflows, which facilitates their adjustment to internal rules. The general currency agreement allows for establishing prices in a single currency and their automatic conversion to clients’ currencies. Sales contracts. In this module it is possible to manage agreements based on liabilities expressed in monetary or quantitative units. A company may create agreements containing specific terms and conditions, and provisions as well as monitor their status.


Automation of processes associated with marketing

This module enables the creation, conducting and analysing marketing campaigns and performing supplementary actions associated with such campaigns for any group of clients or potential clients.


Management of trade opportunities

Management of trade opportunities comprises the creation and reviewing of information. The information collected may be linked with relevant employees, tasks and data related to campaigns.


Sales management

This module enables the configuration, and monitoring of vendors’ and sales companies’ efficiency as well as management of their effectiveness.


Report management

The user may open reports related to clients, assign them to relevant employees, resolve problems reported by clients and execute the related supplementary measures.


Reports concerning sales and marketing

The pre-defined key performance indicators available in data cubes of the sales and customer relations management (CRM) systems facilitate tracking the results of activities in the scope of marketing and sales.