ERP systems play a key role in the era of digital transformation of enterprises, of which so much is now heard, especially in the process of adapting the organization to new conditions and business models in various industries. Integris has an ERP system solution for companies in the agricultural sector, with modules tailored to the needs of a given company / company:

– economic modules that allow you to manage land and crops
– the ability to precisely plan resources in real time
– sales service
– warehouse staff
– efficient document circulation and data analysis
– implementation of all other business processes in the enterprise
– security and data archivization in the Cloud
When defining the program parameters, we work closely with the farmers and employees of the given agricultural enterprise at every step of the implementation process, in order to achieve maximum benefits from the implemented system. A well-programmed ERP system will not solve all problems in the company, but the possibility of current reporting of activities and rapid decision-making based on uniform and reliable data will definitely help to make the right decisions.