Food industry is constantly changing, and companies must respond quickly to continually changing trends, focusing on the growth and management of the profit margin. Our specialists from the industry cooperate with many different companies, including manufacturers, processors, distributors and retailers. We understand the impact that business operations and accounting problems have on the food industry. The implementation of the Ms Dynamics AX/365 system is designed to provide information needed to adapt, develop and stabilize the company on the market.

Challenges facing the food sector:

  • Food safety

The implementation of a coherent food safety strategy and product recall is important for the brand’s relationship with its customers.

  • Technology as a business factor

In an increasingly digital environment, companies need to know how to connect with consumers no matter where they are.

  • Change of customer preferences

Because consumer preferences change, the opportunity to progress with them is crucial for successful food companies.

  • Balanced development and corporate responsibility.

By taking the right action, performance can help protect profitability.


Application of Ms Dynamics in the food industry:

  • Dairy sector

Due to the specifics of its products, it is characterized by high susceptibility to all market fluctuations. In order for a company dealing with food production and processing to be able to operate efficiently on the market and meet all the requirements of the food and processing market, a platform is necessary – a management program with the ability to adapt solutions for individual departments and solutions to ensure total control over the entire company.

Manufacturers must comply with a number of rules and standards for the transport, production and storage of goods, which should take place at an appropriate temperature, and raw milk usually has to be converted into a finished product within just 24 hours of its acceptance by the production plant. It is also crucial that the company adheres to the principles of the HACCP system.

The whole specifics of dairy companies’ operations is undoubtedly integrated and improved by the MS Dynamics AX program (Dynamics 365), which in recent years has become a tool dedicated to companies in dairy industry.

  • Meat sector

Push and pull production.
It is necessary to balance pushed deliveries with current needs while minimizing production costs.
Products intended mainly for the consumer market, characterized by high variations demand.
The necessity of selling as many more profitable fresh products as possible,
Production of processed products (more profitable), where possible,
Managing supply volatility (time, quality, costs),
Management and quality control in an environment of increasing cost sensitivity,
Integrated traceability of raw materials, associated products, by-products and finished products,
Minimization and management of by-products and waste generated in the production process,
Minimizing storage costs (eg frozen products),
Short storage period due to durability dates and decrease in value of stored (frozen) product,
Avoiding delays in deliveries to customers.

The main functions required by the meat industry – available in the MS Dynamics AX system:

Reverse components list,
Effective quantity (catch weight),
Many recipes / formulas,
Many unit conversions,
Management of accompanying and by-products
Packaging management,
Waste management, losses, efficiency, recurring materials,
Flexible processing of sales orders,
Tracking batch, also nested (“sublots”),
Management of prices, rebates, discounts,
Time management of stay in a warehouse – periods of durability,
Quality management (Total Quality Management)

  • Bakery sector

– A dedicated solution for the baking industry,
– knowledge of the specifics of bakery operations and processes,
– competences and references in the industry,
– support for HACCP standards, support for the control of the product change phenomenon
– constant influence on improving the quality and efficiency of key areas of activity such as: Logistics, Warehouse Management, Quality and Production, Financial Chain FK, Relations with CRM clients and suppliers, HR Human Resources.

Integrated MS Dynamics AX modules for the food industry:

– Logistics and Distribution
– Finance and Accounting Magazine (broadly understood financial chain in you implementation of FIFO principles, etc.).
– CRM (relationship with business partners),
– Process production and control,
– Managing rebates and commercial discounts,
– BI-reporting tools,
– AX Drive – fleet management.
– AX Barcode – management of bar codes and labels,
– AX – Office, Agreements – correspondence management, contract management.