Challenges in the furniture industry:

Rapidly changing, highly competitive market,
Variable market trends with high seasonality and regional diversity,
Variability of raw material attributes (eg coloration),
Variety of manufactured products,
Variety of prices, promotions, discounts,
Multidimensional inventory control,
Minimizing storage costs.

Business and functional expectations in the furniture industry:

Managing complex component lists,
Easy configuration of new products,
Many product variants,
The ability to easily configure the desired product among the options available by the customer or a sales representative,
Packaging management,
Waste management, losses, efficiency, recurring materials,
Flexible processing of sales orders,
Tracking the party,
Management of prices, rebates, discounts,
Quality management (Total Quality Management).

MS Dynamics AX system solutions specific to the furniture industry:

Flexibility of product redefining: the use of product variants (eg color) reducing the number of items in the item list
Management of variant component lists and routes
Effective demand forecasting and balancing with deliveries
Tracking batches of materials and products
Flexible scheduling including network routes
Integrated control and quality assurance
Price and rebate management
Sets defining
Web portal with the possibility to configure the desired product