Along with technological progress and latest technology trends, new software designed to help and accelerate the work of a person in the company is developing. The ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (previous version of Dynamics AX), has a number of functions to facilitate the work of architects, designers, mechanics and engineers from the design industry. Special functionalities for the design industry help in the functioning and management of companies and help to gain a competitive advantage in a project-based environment, where companies must use state-of-the-art technology. The installation of the system is based on uploading the basic version of the program and installing additional dedicated solutions and modifications specific to the given area. As a result, the system offers integrated project control for production processes, orders and engineering projects. Considering the requirements of companies from the design industry, we have proposed a number of interesting solutions:

• The system enables management of projects, cost estimates, resources,
• Negotiating, making decisions,
• Planning and working time sheets and resources,
• Document management, cost estimates,
• Advanced production and sales support, product improvement

As well as lowering costs and access to information in real time. Work becomes faster and more enjoyable, and you can do more work in less time.