Integris has an established position on the ERP market.
Despite the fact that various sectors of industry and economy do not operate on similar principles – special functionalities and system modification capabilities of an ERP system help in the functioning and management of companies from the service and trading industry. Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 system enables the integration of all areas of the company’s operations. By implementing not only the system itself, but also dedicated industry solutions, we can enjoy the benefits of a unique ERP system structure tailored to the needs of a given company, this gives an advancement of many processes taking place in the company and improvement of company’s productivity, and thus improvement of the relationships with its clients and business partners.
Integrated MS Dynamics AX modules for sales and trading industries:
• Logistics and Distribution,
• Warehouse,
• Finances and accountancy,
• Enterprise Portal – for mobile sales representatives,
• BI-reporting tools,
• AX Drive – fleet management.
• AX Barcode – management of bar codes and labels,
• AX – Office, Agreements – correspondence management,
contract management.