The 5th national Manufacturing Summit conference –  was held on November 14, 2018 in Wrocław, where over 100 delegates, including Integris and representatives of companies from the manufacturing industry interested in the development of digital strategies gathered. The meeting attracted authorities from business and industry circles who willingly shared their expertise and knowledge and discussed an important problem related to the digital transformation of production.
The fourth industrial revolution, about which we hear so much today, makes us wonder if this is the right time to start digitization and automation processes within a company, the so-called digital transformation. First, however, the speakers focused on discussing existing problems and issues within the organization and its work culture:

  • Data management for business improvement
  • Why does Industry 4.0 becomes so popular and what can companies gain thanks to ubiquitous digitalization?
  • Are companies ready for a digital revolution? Do the tools available on the market meet the needs of producers?
  • Searching for new areas of improvement
  • Improving the organizational culture and the increasingly difficult situation on the job market.

The programme included lectures and presentations of the latest technologies and solutions that can improve efficiency of factories and supply chains and make production even more intelligent. Particularly noteworthy was Microsoft’s remote presentation, which presented the concept of “Factory of the Future”, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution integrated with the latest technologies such as HoloLens. This example shows us what the future of production will look like from the leading experts.
The conference was a unique opportunity to see how the industry evaluates and implements Industry 4.0 and an opportunity to learn about new technologies and applications that can improve productivity within the company, as well as to establish new contacts with suppliers and peers in the industry.