The main purpose of ERP systems is to automate business processes and operations in the company and to integrate all of its data. ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365) are designed to make life easier for companies and to increase productivity. They are necessary for effective management of the company’s processes and to provide insight into these processes for it’s users. However, in order to take full advantage of an ERP system, companies must integrate it with other systems currently being used by them. The correct approach to the ERP problem can significantly strengthen the company’s IT architecture. Often, however, it can be difficult; challenges related to the integration of current systems with the ERP include both the age and architecture of these systems, as well as the need to integrate new applications into an ERP system.

By integrating the ERP system with other applications existing in the company, such as sales, marketing, you can increase the value of each of these systems, providing data throughout the company, regardless of whether they are large or small.

Examples of integrations with Microsoft Dynamics AX (365) implemented by Integris:
– production automation systems, mi. SCADA, WinCC
– car and railway scales systems
– WMS systems (warehouse management systems) for example: Qguar
– fleet management systems, e.g. Supervisor,
– NIR quality control systems
– Brill normalization system
– optimization of Optilo loading and unloading
– electronic declarations, files and forms, e.g., fillUp, e-DrukForm