In addition to the full implementation of the system, a significant part of our activities are roll-out projects. They usually include the implementation of a system in a Polish company based on a model worked out at a foreign headquarters.

An important part of such a project is the implementation of the Polish location, or functionalities specific to our country. A large part of them is associated with formal requirements regarding tax, customs and reporting regulations. Usually there are also a lot of customer requirements that result directly from the experience, specific processes or how to manage a Polish company.

Roll-out projects are often carried out in cooperation with a Microsoft partner of a given organization in a foreign country. As an Ax-pact member we have had many years of experience in this type of cooperation. It allows as to optimize both the creation of the model, the division of work and the implementation process itself.

In addition to the implementation of the standard location package contained in the ERP Microsoft Dynamics software, we have a list of additional authorial features that are very often necessary or useful to the Polish client.

In roll-out projects, we usually accomplish the following tasks:

  • Verification and implementation of the Polish location
  • Making adjustments and interfaces (eg homebanking)
  • Setting and checking the parameterization
  • Support for data and BO migration
  • Training – Support during testing
  • Small modifications
  • Runtime support