According to the Ministry of Finance, from 1 July this year (2018) the new Split Payment Mechanism (Polish: Metoda Podzielonej Płatności, MPP) came into force.

– It is possible to separate during payment: net amount and VAT amount. The payment for the purchased goods or services is carried out in two ways: the net value can be paid into a standard bank account, whereas the VAT amount for a special account – only for that purpose (banks are obliged to keep such accounts free of charge).

– The use of the Split Payment model is currently voluntary.

– This payment method applies only to entrepreneurs who are using VAT.

– The ability to dispose of funds accumulated on the VAT account by the seller is limited to paying VAT to the office or to its own suppliers.

Integris proposes a comprehensive solution to implement these functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365) and automate related processes. Our solution provides tools for tracking tax paid using MPP, generating payment files and importing file statements – containing both incoming and outgoing payments made using MPP – in such a way as to enable the use of MPP and obtain the benefits resulting from it.

If you have any questions about Split Payment, Saf-T or GDPR – use the knowledge of our experts. We invite you to cooperate.