Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 enables support for various industries and for various areas and business processes. The modular structure of the system can be used in various production, commercial and service sectors.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is ideal for managing production processes in the plastic industry. The plastic industry is closely related to the chemical industry, because components produced by one group can be used by the other. Ecology issues in the plastics industry, and the legal aspects through which the industry is regulated. Due to the nature of this industry and the risks it brings, in the sense of threats to human health and life and environmental protection, it is regulated by a number of legal regulations, while the implementation of ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 meets the requirements in a given industry. Thanks to the modular structure of the program, it is possible to upload selected modifications, diversified in terms of functions and matching them to individual customer needs. Examples:
– production process management
– production organization and its planning
– waste management,
– product control
and many, many more.