• Extending the credit control of a standard AX solution. It includes additional types of credit limits as well as additional mechanisms checking the exceeding of limits (eg when transferring goods to the consignment warehouse)
  • Sale of Sets – a mechanism allowing for the sale of sets of goods (Invoice set – elements on GM)
  • An extensive creator of products – an extensive mechanism of the creator of goods allowing min. for easy search of similar products based on given parameters and copying of attributes, booms and routes from existing products
  • Settlement of advances – a solution that allows comprehensive handling of complex processes of accepting and settling advances.
  • Expansion of the rebate system – many different solutions allowing the use of an even more precise method of rebate recipients (logistic rebates, special order conditions, order composition, etc.)
  • Report set – Additional reports on Trade and Logistics along with export mechanisms to Excel – min. the aging of stocks, the valuation of the warehouse based on deliveries, the assessment report of deliveries and suppliers.

AX Barcode is a solution enabling efficient communication and integration of barcode terminals and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Its use allows for the optimization and automation of operations related to warehousing. Supports all the most important warehouse processes: receipts, issues, shifts, etc., which increases the effectiveness of these activities.

The most important benefits:

Automation of processes of goods handling in warehouses, increase in the efficiency of operators’ work
Reducing the risk of human error
Wireless connection – the availability of precise data about inventory in real time, flexibility and freedom of operators. The system can work offline / online. In offline mode it is possible to save data on the terminal without current WiFi connection. After returning to the WiFi range, the terminal transmits the saved data.
Integration with Dynamics AX modules – Data entered into the Microsoft Dynamics AX system can be saved on the terminal and vice versa. Thanks to the wireless connection of the terminal with the system, the data is synchronized on a regular basis during operation.
Identification of delivery, carrier and even driver from the terminal level.

Key operations:

  • adoption and external edition (based on a sales order or a production order);
  • scanning of storage units (goods, pallet, location);
  • internal operations (inter-warehouse transfers);
  • supporting inventory processes;

the ability to read barcodes of various standards encountered in marking pallets, goods and storage locations


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